About Nashik City

Nasik is a semi hill station & one of the most important cities of Northern Maharashtra. Nasik, in Maharashtra, is situated at a distance of 180 km from Mumbai (Bombay) and 205kms from Pune. The city has become the center of attraction because of its beautiful surroundings and cool and pleasant climate. Nasik has a personality of its own due to its mythological, historical, social and cultural importance. The river Godavari flows through the city. Temples and Ghats on the banks of Godavari have made Nashik one of the holiest places for Hindus all over the World. As per the sources Nasik is 7th fastest developing city in India and 16th in world. The city is growing very fast, and is adding to its spiritual identity more stars like Agricultural & Industrial development. But one of the stars is more glaring and prominent which is the Real Estate Sector. When we analyze the reasons for the rapid growth of Real Estate in Nasik, following aspects come forward.

  • Agriculture, the Primary sector of India which is showing negative growth otherwise, is very promising when we take a case of Nasik.
  • Nashik is the Wine Capital of India & having Nashik's Famous Brand Sulawines which is famous all over the world
  • Industrial growth of Nasik has given major impetus to its development and modernization. There are 3 Industrial Estates at the outskirts of Nasik. Nasik is deemed as third most industrialized city after Mumbai and Pune, in Maharashtra.
  • Infrastructural development is keeping up with the Industrial development. The Nasik - Mumbai Express way has made travel to Mumbai very comfortable. Nasik - Pune expressway will shortly receive sanction. The City is well connected with roads and flyovers, while one of the biggest flyovers is under construction.
  • Nashik is the second Educational Hub after Pune. Nasik is aimed at being world class with Visionaries entering this field. The City has secure future with its upcoming citizens being trained well at Schools and other Educational Institutes.
  • The city is blessed with lush green environment and cool and pleasant climate. Travel to the outskirts of Nasik gives one a feel of being on a hill station.

Considering the above aspects the properties in Nasik are still affordable and will give reasonable returns as compared to Mumbai and Pune. The Real Estate sector is consolidating before it will reach a next peak.

We at Janaki Group invite all to come and contribute to the further growth of Nasik.