About Janaki Group

Established in 2000, Janaki Group has become one of the Respectable names in the real estate industry in Nashik. The company's principle and strength remains in delivering exceptional quality structures, timely completion of the projects & Caring for customers as own family members, there by achieving the complete satisfaction of the customers. Janaki Group philosophy has always been to build homes rather than houses. That means paying particular attention to the details of importance to you. Creating homes to suit your needs and lifestyle is our ambition. Community and environmental considerations are embedded within our operations. By creating inovative and sustainable construction solutions we have a low impact on the environment and create a positive benefit to local environments.


Achieving the ultimate satisfaction of our customers & clients through the beautiful and magnificent constructions of elegant commercial, residential, and retail spaces.


Our vision has widened and refined in the light of modern developments, together with the well-rounded organizational growth. Our vision now encompasses in Creating Better homes with innovative & Eye catching designs which are future ready, in order to offer a life of better quality.


Everything that is created Janaki Group is a reflection of quality conforming to international levels. Our reputation is built on trust and stability and we bring consistent level of quality and integrity to every project we build. The quality of our projects is translated in their comfort, durability, aesthetics and beauty, safety and security, luxury and style.